Pompompurin: A Symphony of Cuteness

Pompompurin, an adorable and charismatic character designed by the renowned Japanese company Sanrio, has captured the hearts of fans across the globe since its introduction in 1996. Resembling a golden retriever, Pompompurin is characterized by its plump, round figure, brown beret, and large, tender eyes, all of which contribute to its distinctive and lovable appearance. Inhabiting a cozy and heartwarming world alongside an ensemble of endearing friends, Pompompurin partakes in delightful adventures that promote values such as friendship, kindness, and empathy. Owing to its widespread appeal and timeless charm, Pompompurin has become a cultural icon, gracing a diverse array of merchandise content that continues to enchant fans of all ages.

Pompompurin: The Joyful Golden Retriever from Sanrio's Universe

Step into the delightful universe of Sanrio and experience the charm of Pompompurin, the adorable Golden Retriever. As a cherished character known for his pastel-yellow fluff and distinctive brown beret, Pompompurin captivates fans worldwide. In this article, we explore Pompompurin's captivating appeal, his exciting role within the Hello Kitty universe, and the joyous range of Pompompurin-themed merchandise.

Meet Pompompurin: Sanrio's Golden Retriever

First introduced in 1996, Pompompurin is a Golden Retriever with a friendly demeanor and a love for soft things. His hobbies include napping and collecting shoes, making him an endearing figure in Sanrio's delightful universe. Pompompurin's lovable character shines through his interactions with friends like Muffin the hamster, Scone the mouse, and Custard the bird.

Pompompurin in the Hello Kitty Universe

As a member of Sanrio's vibrant roster of characters, Pompompurin plays an integral part in the Hello Kitty universe. His laid-back personality and joyful escapades complement the overall cheerfulness of the Hello Kitty world, providing fans with an engaging and diverse cast of characters.

The Worldwide Pompompurin Fandom

Pompompurin's irresistible charm has led to a strong and passionate fandom across the globe. Fans celebrate Pompompurin's birthday every year on April 16th and eagerly partake in special events hosted by Sanrio. The vibrant online communities dedicated to Pompompurin showcase fan art, collectible unboxings, and themed parties, all testifying to the love and enthusiasm shared for this Golden Retriever.

Delightful Pompompurin Merchandise

One of the most exciting aspects of Pompompurin's popularity is the extensive range of merchandise dedicated to him. Fans can shop for various items, including soft plushies, apparel with charming Pompompurin designs, stationery, home décor, and much more. Sanrio also offers limited-edition Pompompurin collectibles that quickly become treasures for fans.

Sanrio's commitment to quality ensures that every Pompompurin product offers both charm and durability. These items, available worldwide through Sanrio's online store and selected retailers, are perfect for those looking to add a touch of Pompompurin's joyful vibe to their everyday lives.


Pompompurin, the friendly Golden Retriever, has found a special place in the hearts of fans worldwide. His role in the Hello Kitty universe and the wide array of Pompompurin-themed merchandise continue to attract and delight fans of all ages. With his pastel-yellow fluff, trademark brown beret, and endearing personality, Pompompurin indeed brings a dash of joy to the world of Sanrio.

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Meet Sanrio Pompompurin

Pompompurin is an iconic character from Sanrio, a Japanese company renowned worldwide for creating characters that symbolize cuteness or "kawaii." Introduced in 1996, Pompompurin is a charming golden retriever with a love for milk, anything soft, and his mother's cream caramel puddings. Instantly recognizable by his signature brown beret, Pompompurin lives in a basket at his owner's house and spends his time napping or going on treasure hunts. His laid-back personality and adorable appearance have endeared him to fans across the globe, solidifying his status as one of Sanrio's most popular characters.

Pompompurin Wallpaper

Pompompurin wallpapers are an enjoyable way for fans to personalize their smartphones and stay connected with their favorite Sanrio character. Whether you own an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or any Android device, these wallpapers offer a range of playful and visually appealing designs featuring Pompompurin in various cute poses and settings. From Pompompurin savoring his beloved pudding to him relaxing in his basket or embarking on one of his treasure hunts, there's a perfect image to fit any fan's mood or preference. These wallpapers not only brighten up the device screens but also add an element of fun and sweetness to the user's daily digital experience. Fans love Pompompurin wallpapers because they allow them to carry a piece of the joy and whimsy associated with the adorable golden retriever wherever they go, making each interaction with their device a bit more cheerful.

what is pompompurin

Pompompurin, also known as the Pudding Dog or simply Purin, is an amiable Golden Retriever dog character introduced by the esteemed Japanese company, Sanrio, in 1996. Recognized for his pastel yellow fluff and a trademark brown beret, Pompompurin exudes an endearing charm that has won hearts across the globe.

Character Traits of Pom Pom Purin

  • Japanese Name: ポムポムプリン (Pomupomupurin)
  • Alternate Names: Pudding Dog, Purin, Pompom
  • Birthday: April 16th
  • Gender: Male
  • Residence: His own basket at his owner's house
  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Appearance: Pastel yellow short fluff and a brown beret
  • Dream: Being even bigger
  • Hobbies: Collecting and hiding shoes; Hanging out with friends; 'Purin aerobics'
  • Skills: Napping
  • Likes: The phrase "Let's go out!"; Milk, pudding, soft stuff
  • Dislikes: The word "Stay"

Family and Friends of PomPomPurin

  • Mother: Mama
  • Father: Papa
  • Friends: Muffin, Scone, Bagel, Whip, Powder, Tart, Custard, Coconut, Mint, Macaroon, Syrup, Vanilla

Born on a sunny day on April 16th, Pompompurin's interests extend from shoe collecting to hanging out with friends, to even indulging in his own set of 'Purin aerobics.' A lover of milk and his mama's cream caramel pudding, this laid-back pup spends a lot of his time napping and dreaming of growing even bigger. His distinct love for soft things and his ability to quickly befriend others make him a lovable companion. An interesting tidbit is his aversion to the word "Stay" and the joy he derives from hearing "Let's go out!" Pompompurin's delightful group of friends include a hamster named Muffin, a mouse called Scone, and a bird named Custard who seems to have a penchant for stealing Pompompurin's beret. His personality and lovable charm continue to endear him to fans, ensuring his place as one of Sanrio's most beloved characters.

A short story for children about Pompompurin...

Pompompurin's Grand Treasure Hunt: A Sanrio Adventure

Once upon a time, in the cheerful world of Sanrio, there lived a fluffy Golden Retriever named Pompompurin. Pompompurin was easily recognizable with his soft yellow fur and a signature brown beret that sat perfectly on his head. He lived comfortably in a cozy basket at his owner's house and spent most of his time dreaming of becoming even bigger.

One sunny morning, Pompompurin woke up with a mission. He decided he wanted to throw the most magnificent treasure hunt for his friends - Muffin the hamster, Scone the mouse, and Custard the cheeky bird.

Pompompurin spent all day hiding various trinkets around the neighborhood. He hid a soft red ball under the park bench, a shiny keychain in the tree hollow, and even a pair of sparkly sunglasses in the sandbox. He felt his heart fill with joy at the thought of the fun adventure his friends were going to have.

The next day, Pompompurin invited his friends over and revealed the surprise. Their eyes lit up with excitement. With a map in hand and a thirst for adventure, the friends set off on their hunt.

Muffin was the first to find a treasure - the soft red ball under the park bench. "I love it," Muffin squeaked, her little paws feeling the soft texture of the ball. Next, Scone found the shiny keychain in the tree hollow. "Oh, it's so shiny!" Scone exclaimed, his whiskers twitching in delight.

The day was drawing to a close, but the sparkly sunglasses were still undiscovered. Just as Pompompurin was about to give a hint, a gust of wind blew his beret off. Custard, who had a soft spot for Pompompurin's beret, flew after it, and guess where it landed? Right in the sandbox, next to the sparkly sunglasses! "I've found them!" Custard tweeted, looking rather stylish in both the beret and the sunglasses.

As the sun began to set, the friends returned home, tired but happy. They thanked Pompompurin for the wonderful adventure, their hearts full of joy and their hands full of treasures. As for Pompompurin, he was delighted. After a hearty meal of milk and his mama's cream caramel pudding, he tucked himself into his cozy basket, ready to dream new adventures for the next day.

And so, Pompompurin, the charming Golden Retriever, filled his days with fun, friendship, and adventures. His whimsical world was a testament to the beauty of companionship and the boundless joy of sharing and caring. And the friends lived happily, treasuring each day, in their wonderful world of Sanrio.

Unveiling the Cheerful World of Pompompurin: Sanrio's Beloved Golden Retriever

Step into the delightful world of Sanrio and meet one of its most endearing characters, Pompompurin. Recognizable by his soft pastel yellow fluff and his signature brown beret, Pompompurin is a friendly and laid-back Golden Retriever that has captured the hearts of many. Among his best friends are Muffin the hamster, Scone the mouse, and Custard the bird, with whom he shares many adventures. Pompompurin has a peculiar hobby: he loves collecting and hiding shoes! This whimsical pastime is just a hint of the charm and cheer that Pompompurin brings to the Sanrio universe.

  • Who is Pompompurin?

Pompompurin is a charming character introduced by the Japanese company Sanrio, widely recognized for his pastel yellow fluff and a signature brown beret. This good-natured Golden Retriever dog has a love for soft things and enjoys spending his time napping or going on treasure hunts.

  • Is Pompompurin a Boy?

Yes, Pompompurin is a male character. He is often seen engaging in adventures with his friends and displays a cheerful, friendly, and laid-back demeanor.

  • Is Pompompurin a Dog?

Yes, Pompompurin is a dog, specifically a Golden Retriever. His personality embodies the friendly and loyal nature typically associated with his breed.

  • What Animal is Pompompurin?

Pompompurin is a Golden Retriever dog. He is one of the many animal characters introduced by Sanrio.

  • How to Draw Pompompurin?

Drawing Pompompurin starts with a round circle for his head and smaller circles for his ears. His signature beret is drawn like a semi-circle sitting on his head. Then, add two dots for the eyes, a bigger dot for the nose, and a curve for his happy mouth. Finish it off with his fluffy body. Remember to keep the lines soft and the colors pastel to match his look.

  • How Old is Pompompurin?

Pompompurin was introduced by Sanrio in 1996, making him over 25 years old as of 2023.

  • When is Pompompurin's Birthday?

Pompompurin celebrates his birthday on April 16th. It is often commemorated with various events by Sanrio.

  • How to Pronounce Pompompurin?

Pompompurin is pronounced as "Pomu-pomu-purin" in Japanese.

  • When was Pompompurin Created?

Pompompurin was first introduced to the world by Sanrio in the year 1996.

  • Who is Pompompurin's Best Friend?

Pompompurin has a close-knit group of friends, which includes Muffin the hamster, Scone the mouse, and Custard the bird.

  • Who is Pompompurin's Girlfriend?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Pompompurin does not have a designated girlfriend in the Sanrio universe.

  • What Gender is Pompompurin?

Pompompurin is a male character in the Sanrio universe.

  • How Tall is Pompompurin?

As a fictional character, Pompompurin doesn't have an official height. He's often depicted as a small and fluffy Golden Retriever.

  • How to Get Pompompurin in Animal Crossing?

As of September 2021, you can get Pompompurin furniture in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" by using the Pompompurin amiibo card in the game. These items include Pompompurin's bed, chair, table, TV, and more.

  • How to Get Pompompurin in Hello Kitty Cafe?

In the Hello Kitty Cafe game, Pompompurin may appear during special events or updates. Players can usually unlock him by achieving certain goals or completing specific tasks.

  • What Breed is Pompompurin?

Pompompurin is a Golden Retriever. His breed's friendly and tolerant attitude can be seen in Pompompurin's loving and laid-back personality.

  • What Does Pompompurin Mean?

"Pompompurin" is a combination of the English words "Pompom," referencing his fluffy appearance, and "Purin," which means "pudding" in Japanese, indicating his favorite food - his mama's cream caramel pudding.

  • What Show is Pompompurin From?

Pompompurin is from the Sanrio franchise. While there's no specific show dedicated to him, he's featured in various media and merchandise from the Sanrio Company.

  • Where is Pompompurin From?

Pompompurin is from the universe of Sanrio, a company based in Japan known for creating cute and endearing characters. He lives in a basket at his owner's house within this imaginative world.