Badtz Maru Stickers


  • Badtz Maru Sanrio stickers
  • Easy to stick
  • HD printing
  • Faithful rendering of colors
  • Ideal to decorate your room
  • Very pleasant to look at
  • To put on a wall, phone or behind a computer
  • Perfect for a Badtz Maru fan
  • Color: Different shades
  • Set: 10, 30, 50, 100 pieces
  • Size (cm): 3-7

Set of Badtz Maru Sanrio stickers


Spruce up your items with a dash of rebellion, thanks to the Badtz Maru Stickers. Born from the legendary world of Sanrio, Badtz Maru is not just another cute penguin; he’s that audacious character with a moxie that many of us can resonate with. For the fans who’ve grown up loving this mischievous bird, these stickers are more than decorative pieces โ€” they are fragments of nostalgia, a trip down the memory lane.

In a world dominated by mainstream choices, be one of the few to possess these rare Sanrio gems. They are not just unavailable in brick-and-mortar stores but are a testament to unique artistry, a perfect blend of classic Sanrio design with modern-day sticker technology. Each meticulously designed sticker, measuring between 3 to 7cm, is versatile enough to be the perfect accessory for virtually any item. Whether you aim to customize your laptop, wall, mug, suitcase, or phone, Badtz Maru is ready to make a statement there.

Available in lots of 10, 30, 50, and 100, there’s plenty of flexibility for every fan’s need. Whether you’re the minimalist who likes a touch of rebellion or the ultimate fan seeking to cover every surface with Badtz Maru’s cheeky face, there’s a set just for you.

In essence, when you get your hands on the Badtz Maru Stickers, you’re not just adding whimsy to your belongings. You’re embracing a piece of pop culture, celebrating a beloved character, and most importantly, showcasing a piece of your identity.


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